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How to order?
How do I shop on the Kongsberg Store?
How do I search for a product?
How do I reorder previously bought items?
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My Account and Kongsberg ID
I already have an Kongsberg ID
What is Kongsberg ID?
What is 'My Account'?
How do I apply promotion codes?
I have a special rate contract with Kongsberg, how does that apply?
Tax Policy
Do I have to pay customs
How much taxes do I need to pay?
I am a tax-exempt US customer, what do I need to do?
Terms and conditions
What are the general terms and conditions of sales?
What are warranty conditions?
I am a reseller
How do I order online for my customers?
Can I buy subscriptions for my customers?
Does my reseller discount apply on online purchases?


Product Questions
How do I find a product
How do I find the best Kongsberg bit or blade for my job?
How do I know if I can use a certain bit or blade on my table?
How do I reorder previously bought items?
I am an existing customer, how do I know what Kongsberg table I have?
I am an existing customer, how do I know what underlay fits my Kongsberg table?
I have a shortlist of bits and blades but I am not sure which one to select?
How do I return or exchange a consumable product
How will I be reimbursed in case of return?
What do I do when I have received a damaged product?
Can I pick up my order myself?
Can I use my own courier?
My selected product is out of stock?
Some of my selected products are out of stock but the rest of my order is available How do I proceed
What are the shipping costs involved?
When will I receive my order?
How long is the warranty for bits, blades and underlays?
What do I do in case I receive a damaged product?

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