i-cut Production Console

The only software you need
to run your Kongsberg table

iPC (i-cut Production Console) is an integrated software suite that comes with your Kongsberg cutting table.

Optimize your cutting

iPC’s intuitive user interface enables straightforward and efficient operation. The improved front-end allows operators to get the most out of the Kongsberg tables while optimizing day to day production.

It can be used for:
  • planning a production run
  • calibrating tools
  • setting up standard workflows
  • creating simple designs
  • and running productions

Essentially, iPC is the only software you need to run your Kongsberg table.

i-cut Production Console

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Free guide

5 ways to make money with a Kongsberg cutting table

Find out how you can use a Kongsberg cutting table to extend on your offerings and protect your margins.

5 ways to make money with a Kongsberg cutting table

Easy job setup

Material is key! iPC makes it easy to setup jobs based on the material you’ll use. These settings are stored in ‘Tooling Presets’ and ‘Cutting Profiles’. iPC also comes with an extensive library of proven settings for common materials.

i-cut Production Console: Tooling Presets
i-cut Production Console: plan and track your production

Plan & track your production

Plan your production better with estimation of cutting times based on geometry of the design, number of copies, tool settings... You can change settings and iPC will update the production time immediately.

iPC comes with a 'My Jobs' list with links to all jobs waiting to be produced. You can sort jobs based on criteria like due date or material. There’s also an overview of the jobs you’ve already finished.

iPC allows you to track job progress. You can monitor job status, remaining production time and copies produced & remaining.

Automate with barcode supported production

iPC reads the printed barcode on the material and automatically identifies and loads the corresponding job file without operator intervention. The production is started using predefined tooling and production presets. When a job is complete, the production continues, starting with a new feeding sequence. This workflow enables continuous production of various jobs.

i-cut Production Console: barcode registration
Underside camera

Accurate cuts with advanced camera registration

iPC uses advanced algorithms for accurate camera registration. The camera in the tool head, or the underside camera, identifies printed registration on the materials and compensates for materials with a distorted print. For unprinted sheets ‘Edge Recognition’ is available. This results in accurately cut materials.

The Underside Camera allows automatic cutting of corrugated material that needs to be produced with the printed side facing down. A revolutionary system scans the sheet and then cuts and creases from the opposite side.

Advanced milling support

iPC offers automatically generated curves for wash-outs, lead-in and lead-outs, multi passing and tool diameter compensations.

Kongsberg Automation: Take-Up Unit

Streamline your production

There are multiple options in iPC for Kongsberg’s various automation solutions, including, Feeder & Stacker, Robotic Material Handler and Motorized Roll Feed production.

iPC also handles the Multi-Zone production: the surface of the Kongsberg table is divided into two or more zones. This allows production in one zone, while the operator offloads the finished jobs and put on new material in the other zones.

iPC takes care of the production of jobs longer than the cutting table, typically banners. The job is split into several parts with the conveyor feed between each part. iPC uses the camera to identify registration marks so it can compensate for stretch or shrink in the material itself, for distortion during printing and for inaccurate conveyor feed.

Free guide

5 ways to make money with a Kongsberg cutting table

Find out how you can use a Kongsberg cutting table to extend on your offerings and protect your margins.

5 ways to make money with a Kongsberg cutting table

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