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Kongsberg X Series

Perfect for packaging short runs & sample making

The Kongsberg X cutting tables are the most versatile solutions on the market. No matter what materials you use in your packaging, signage or display production, the Kongsberg X will meet the challenge and deliver perfect quality.

Kongsberg X20

Dedicated tools for packaging short runs & sample making

The application kits for the Kongsberg X make it easy to get started with the right configuration for your business. Additionally, the freedom of upgrade options makes the possibilities almost limitless.

The Kongsberg X for Short Run Production is specially configured for sample making, short run production and other packaging-related tasks:

  • Production on a wide range of materials, with fewer manual tool changes
  • Extra fast tool loading, auto recognition & tool calibration
  • Available with felt or PVC underlay
Kongsberg X for packaging short run & sample making
Kongsberg X: FlexiHead with 3 tool insert positions

Produce jobs on a wide range of packaging materials

Outfit the Kongsberg X cutting table with the tools that fit your workflow. The FlexiHead, for instance, offers highly accurate, powerful cutting on all flexible and thin materials like paper and folding carton.

Three configurable tool stations accommodate a full range of standard tool inserts. Specially designed knife and crease tool inserts are available to produce folding cartons with the same high throughput as corrugated jobs.

See the Kongsberg X in action!

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